Free Britney, a social media movement started by Britney Spears


A piece of news for all Britney Spears fans, the American songwriter & singer recently joined the social media movement to free herself from her conservatorship, which is a legal concept in the United States. In this legal arrangement, a guardian is appointed by a judge to handle the financial affairs and daily life of an individual where he/she is incapable due to physical or mental limitations, or advanced age.

Reliable tabloid news shared on their website that Britney Spears said in front of the judge on Friday that her father Mr Jamie Spears confined her to a mental health facility a month ago very much against her will and also forced her to take drugs.

Britney had already spent 30 days at a mental health facility in LA after she was facing some problems in her mental health, a news website shared the story. It was reported that she even stopped taking the drugs that were prescribed to her, which would keep her stable. As she discontinued them, the drugs stopped working, and after that, the doctors have been unable to find the right combination of drugs to improve her health.

As per the conservatorship agreement, Jamie Spears does not have the right to make Britney commit against her will. In such a scenario, a mental health facility that has admitted an adult patient against the patient’s will and knowing that the conservator did not have such power would be then committing a crime. Many a time Britney was frequently seen leaving the place and was seen out of the facility.

After this episode, the judge did not take any action, moreover, has ordered an authority to assess Britney’s case, and till the evaluation is on, there would be no change in the conservatorship agreement. It seems like this has created a family war.

We say so because in January this year, Britney had announced that she was taking an indefinite break from work so that she could support her father. And after this episode, she was sent to mental health care to seek treatment. Britney left the mental health facility after a month of her treatment.